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NCGR-Corvallis - Pyrus Germplasm

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Pear Genetic Resources - Pyrus Germplasm - Pyrus Genebank- World Pear Collection
Why Pear Germplasm Should Be Preserved- H. Hartman, 1957
Pyrus scionwood distribution temporarily suspended following detection of Xylella fastidiosa. Follow this link for more info.

NCGR Pear Catalogs with links to the GRIN database:

Crop Subsets

Trait Subsets

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  • Pyrus Crop Vulnerability Statement
    (last updated 2004)
  • Retrieve List of Pyrus species from GRIN taxonomy database
  • Summary of Pyrus germplasm collection by species
  • Summary of Pyrus germplasm collection by country of origin
  • Membership of Pyrus Crop Germplasm Committee (CGC)

Descriptors & Evaluation Results:

Ancient pear cultivar Rousselet de Reims

Interesting Repository Accessions

Pear Watercolor

Pear Cultivars, Species
  Industry & Conservation Organizations 

Pests and Diseases

Commercial Production - Propagation

Historic Fruits

  • The Pears of New York - by U.P. Hedrick, 1921; full text.
  • Pear Illustrations from The Pears of New York
  • USDA Pomological Watercolors - 19th and 20th century illustrations from the National Agricultural Library.
  • Ancient Pear Cultivars - Descriptions of some ancient pears preserved at NCGR-Corvallis
  • Pears from the Past - Brief descriptions of NCGR pear accessions originating prior to 1850.
  • The Endicott Pear - Oldest fruit tree in North America
  • The Endicott Pear - ARS Science for Kids!
  • The Hager Grove Pear - Salem, Oregon 1850
  • Henderson Luelling - First fruit cultivars brought to the Oregon Territory in 1846.
  • Felix Gillet Nursery, Nevada City, California 1871
  • The Book of Pears and Plums - by Edward Bartrum 1903.
  • The Pears of New York - by U.P. Hedrick, 1921; full text.

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