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Center Director & Research Leader
(870) 672-9300
2890 HWY 130 E
Stuttgart AR 72160

The mission of the Dale Bumpers National Rice Research Center is to conduct research to help the U.S. rice industry remain competitive in the global marketplace by assuring high yields, superior grain quality, pest resistance, and stress tolerance in rice cultivars. Specific objectives include: 1) determining the inheritance of important characters through conventional and genomic techniques; 2) evaluating and rejuvenating over 18,000 rice cultivars collected from around the world that are part of the USDA-ARS gene bank; 3) developing improved genetic stocks, germplasm and cultivars for use by breeders, researchers, and farmers; 4) identifying biological properties that will facilitate control of barnyardgrass, red rice, and other weeds commonly found in rice production fields; 5) conducting grain chemistry research to elucidate factors that improve cooking, processing, sensory, and nutritional rice quality; 6) exploring the genetic diversity found in wild relatives of rice to identify and transfer novel genes controlling disease and pest resistance and yield into cultivars; 7) utilizing molecular plant pathology to better understand plant-pathogen interactions and to identify new genes controlling disease resistance; and 8) conducting studies to learn of physiological processes that are associated with abiotic stress in plants.


Anna McClung, Center Director & Research Leader
 Allison Bednar, Office Automation Clerk (Temporary)
 Lorie Bernhardt, Computer Assistant-GSOR   
 Angela Hunter, Office Automation Assistant
 Nora Lapointe, Program Assistant
 Jeremy Kite, Biological Science Aid
 Nick Murphy, Biological Science Aid (UA)
 LaDuska Simpson, Biological Science Technician 
 Neal Teaster, Post Doctoral Fellow
Rolfe Bryant, Research Chemist
 Heather Box, Biological Science Technician
 Matthew Schuckmann, Biological Science Technician (Biochemistry)

Ming Chen, Research Chemist
 Jace Everette, Biological Science Technician

Georgia Eizenga, Research Geneticist
 Quynh Grunden, Biological Science Technician
 Amy Beaty, Technician (UA)
 Teresa Hancock, Program Technician (UA)
 Ehsan Shakiba, Post Doctoral Fellow
 Erin Simpson, Student Intern
 Daniel Wood, Greenhouse Technician (UA)

Bob Fjellstrom, Research Plant Molecular Geneticist
 Aaron Jackson, Geneticist
 Melissa Jia, Geneticist, Plants
 Brenda Lawrence, Biological Science Technician

David Gealy, Research Plant Physiologist & Facility Manager
 Howard Black, Plant Physiologist
 Mia Hodges, Biological Science Aid
 Bill Luebke, Biological Science Aid
 Mark Buerkle, Maintenance Mechanic
 Jackie Hughes, Custodian
Yulin Jia, Research Molecular Plant Pathologist
 Tracy Bianco, Biological Science Lab Technician
 Michael Lin, Biological Science Technician
 Rabie Elshafey, Visiting Scientist
 Xue Jin, Program Technician (UA)
 Yan Liu, Post Doctoral Fellow
 MD Rasheed, Visiting Scientist
 Coretta Torrence, Professional Assistant (UA)
Shannon Pinson, Research Geneticist
 Eric Grunden, Biological Science Technician

Wengui Yan, Research Geneticist
 Tiffany Sookaserm, Biological Science Technician
 Tyler Teske, Biological Science Technician
 Haizheng Xiong, Visiting Scientist
 Wei Zhou, Visiting Scientist
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